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Dean's Office Dental Hygiene Dental Services Administration Endodontics
Fixed Prosthodontics Occlusion Operative Dentistry Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Oral Diagnosis Oral Implantology Oral Pathology Orthodontics
Pediatric Dentistry Periodontics Predoctoral Clinic Operations Removable Prosthodontics


Dean's Office (405) 271-5444
Dr. John Dmytryk Room 507
Dr. Randy Jones Room 513
Dr. Stephen Young Room 505
Dental Hygiene (405) 271-4435
Ms. Laurie Cunningham Room 576
Ms. Kim Graziano Room 234
Ms. Carolyn Ray Room 574
Ms. Donna Sheppard Room 565
Ms. Tammie Vargo Room 572
Ms. Donna Wood Room 570
Dental Materials (405) 271-6545
Dr. Sharukh Khajotia Room 146C
Dental Services Administration (405) 271-4919
Dr. Ken Coy Room 566
Dr. Dunn Cumby Room 568
Endodontics (405) 271-5550
Dr. Stephen Biggs Room  286AE
Dr. Andrew Goldbeck Room  544H
Fixed Prosthodontics (405) 271-5346
Dr. Barry Greenley Room  544A
Dr. Michael Keenan Room 544
Dr. Jim Kessler Room 544K
Dr. Abbey Onan Room 544D
Dr. David Sather Room 544C
Dr. Johnny Siler Room 544B
Occlusion (405) 271-5052
Dr. Bernard Rhone Room 546
Operative Dentistry (405) 271-5735
Dr. Raymond Cohlmia Room 536
Dr. Curtis Cunningham Room 585
Dr. Terry Fruits Room 556
Dr. Ann Johnson Room 521J
Dr. Robert Miller Room 558
Dr. Lynn Montgomery Room 554
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (405) 271-4441
Dr. Bill Croom Room 206
Dr. Rocky Cullens Room 206
Ms. Jane Gray Room 206
Dr. Van Henson Room 206
Dr. Alan Miyake Room 200C
Dr. Kevin Smith Room 200A
Dr. Steve Sullivan Room 200B
Oral Diagnosis (405) 271-5988
Dr. Suzie Beavers Room 564
Dr. Richard Corwin Room  286AC
Dr. Emile Farha Room  286AB
Dr. Farah Masood Room 286AA
Dr. Lida Radfar Room 286A
Dr. Karen Rattan Room 234
Dr. Doug Rockwood Room 286AC
Dr. Susan Settle Room 286AF
Oral Implantology (405) 271-3956
Dr. Joy Hasebe Room 521G
Dr. Nancy Jacobsen Room 325B
Oral Pathology (405) 271-4333
Dr. David Lewis Room 578
Orthodontics (405) 271-6087
Dr. John Clayton Room 459
Dr. Frans Currier Room 400B
Dr. Mark Felton Room 458
Dr. Onur Kadioglu Room 400B
Pediatric Dentistry (405) 271-5579
Dr. Kevin Haney Room 521A
Dr. Sallie Lau Room 521G
Ms. Kathy Miller Room 232
Ms. Kathy Rogers Room 520C
Dr. Theresa White Room 521G
Periodontics (405) 271-4544
Ms. Jane Amme Room 524E
Dr. Eros Chaves Room 521
Dr. Douglas Hall Room 521M
Dr. Conrad Hornbuckle Room 251
Dr. Maria Peres Room 542
Dr. Juan Rodriguez Room 542
Ms. Karen Sehorn Room 524C
Predoctoral Clinic Operations (405) 271-5422
Ms. Kim Graziano Room 234
Ms. Kathy Miller Room 232
Removable Prosthodontics (405) 271-4160
Dr. Yacoub Al Sakka Room 544C
Dr. Eswar Damodara Room 521H
Dr. Christinna Fairchild Room 521F
Dr. Paul Mullasseril Room 544