State of the Art Technology

The AEGD program at OU has the latest in technology, providing the most up-to-date training for you, the resident, and first hand knowledge of the future of your field.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography captures a patient x-ray digitally instead of using traditional film.  This digital image allows dentists an immediate computer image that can be enhanced to see fine details.  The digital technology also can be stored in one central place and exchanged easily over distance, allowing for increased access to images and improved patient care.  





Implant Training & Technology
This program will advance your knowledge and experience in both implant techniques and technology.  As a resident in the program, you will have numerous opportunities to place and restore implants.

CAD/CAM restorations are on the forefront of dental technology.  This unique system allows a crown to be made at the same time as a patient's visit - eliminating the need for a temporary crown.

Cutting-Edge Computer Software
Our staff utilizes the latest programs and modern practice management software.  These tools provide you with excellent preparation to step into your own paperless private practice.