Admissions FAQ

The 2017 Application Process is NOW OPEN through September 1, 2017 for US Applicants only.
The Graduate Orthodontic Program will not be accepting applications for International Students again until 2018.
Preference for interviews will be given to applicants who have only applied to programs participating in the Match.

Frequently Asked Questions (US Students)


Q.        Where do I send my transcripts?

A.       OUHSC Office of Admissions and Records
           LIB 121, P.O. Box 26901
           Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0901

Q.        Where do I send my supplemental materials?

A.       Graduate Orthodontic Admissions
           Department of Orthodontics
           College of Dentistry
           PO Box 26901
           Oklahoma City, OK  73126-0901

Q.        Do you need “official” transcripts?

A.        During the application process, official transcripts are not required.  Once a
           prospective student has been accepted for admission to the program, all official
           transcripts must be sent at that time.           

Q.        Do you need ALL of my college transcripts?

 A.       Yes.  All college transcripts are required.

Q.        If my Dean’s letter has my board scores listed, do you still need the “official” board scores from the JCNDE?

          A.       Yes, please.

Q.        May I personally mail all of the letters of recommendation with the signature of the writer on the seal of the individual envelope in one large packet, or is it required that the recommendation writer personally mail in the letter?

A.       Letters of Recommendation can be sent either from the writer or in the packet from the student.

Q.        Are the three references at the bottom of page 2 on the supplemental application intended to be the same people writing the letters of recommendation?

A.       Yes.

Q.        If I have more than the three required letters of recommendation, is it okay to send those as well?

A.       Yes. 


Frequently Asked Questions (International Students)

Q.       I am a foreign trained dentist interested in applying for the Orthodontics Master's program. I'd like to ask if you accept international applicants who do not have the NBDE-1?

A.       While the NBDE is preferred, it is not required.

Q.       Am I still considered an International Applicant even though I will have a DDS/DMD degree from a US Dental School?

A.       No, you will not be considered an International Applicant.

Q.        Do you accept ECE in lieu of WES?

A.       No, unfortunately not.  The WES is required.

Q.        I can’t find tuition and fee information for International Students.  Can you tell me where to find this information?

A.       International Students pay the same tuition as a non-resident student. As for fees, the only difference is the International Student Maintenance fee of $50 per term.