RPD Review Questions

Answer to Question #103

The correct answer is

Correct. The RPD is tooth-borne and thus exhibits no functional motion and the undercut is on the opposite side of the tooth from the point of origin of the clasp---a requirement for a circumferential clasp.

Incorrect. Although the undercut is appropriate for a distal rest and WW circumferential clasp, there is really no need for WW since there is no functional movement of the prosthesis. #2 is not the best answer.

Incorrect. Although a distal rest and I-bar would work, it is not the first choice clasp assembly unless esthetic demands dictate that the clasp be hidden. In this case, the I-bar might be better than a cast circumferential clasp. Not the best answer.

Incorrect. Most of the undercut is on the mesiofacial surface, not the distofacial as would be appropriate for a modified T-bar.