RPD Review Questions

Answer to Question #111

The correct answer is

Correct. A wide palatal strap will add some palatal support to the RPD---a desirable characteristic considering that the abutments are weak.

Incorrect. Because of the weak abutments, more palatal support is desirable and a wide palatal strap would be preferred. This is sometimes called a palatal plate because of its breadth. Other people prefer to restrict the term "palatal plate" for the connector used with large class I maxillary RPDs.

Incorrect. A modified palatal plate is used for maxillary class II RPDs.

Incorrect. In general, a horse-shoe major connector is undesirable because it lacks rigidity unless quite bulky. It is only used to circumvent large inoperable tori or when the patient is a big-time gagger. Neither of these circumstances are mentioned in the question stem.