RPD Review Questions

Answer to Question #136

The correct answer is

Incorrect. Lingual I-bars can ONLY be used on lower molars.

Incorrect. A Roach clasp is an infrabulge clasp that generally utilizes a facial undercut---like an I-bar or modified T-bar. This type of clasp cannot be used here because there are no facial undercuts---infrabulge clasps cannot be used on the lingual surfaces of premolars.

Incorrect. An "Akers" clasp is a circumferential clasp. A conventional circumferential clasp cannot be used because there are no facial undercuts.

Correct. The half and half clasp is appropriate for the circumstances described in the stem of the question. Because this type of clasp neither totally releases during function nor exhibits great flexibility, its use is reserved for those rare cases where almost no other options remain.