RPD Review Questions

Answer to Question #26

The correct answer is

Incorrect. There is no information given that would lead one to believe that the anterior teeth should be plated. In this particular case, plating the anterior teeth would definitely be the exception rather than the rule.

Incorrect. In the situation shown, an A-P palatal strap would be difficult to design. The space between teeth 3 and 6 is much better suited to the use of a modified palatal plate---if it is done correctly.

Incorrect. Tooth #6 lies bodily in front of the axis of rotation and a cast circumferential clasp should definitely NOT used. If a clasp is needed or desired, it should be wrought wire.

Correct. For many people, the tongue would be sensitive to the lack of symmetry of the major connector in the area of the midline of the palate. It would be better if the posterior border crossed the midline at a right angle and then extended backward more or less parallel to the residual ridge.