RPD Review Questions

Questions 91-100

Question #91

True or False

The fewer teeth that remain, the more like a denture the RPD becomes and the more likely the need for a custom impression tray.




Question #92

Reason(s) for selecting a mandibular lingual plate major connector is/are?

The presence of lingual tori.

Anticipated loss of one or more of the remaining teeth.

A high lingual frenum.

1, 2, and 3 above


Question #93

Your patient has teeth 20 through 29 remaining. Tooth #29 exhibits the tooth contours and undercut shown in the illustration to the right. Which of the clasp assemblies listed has the GREATEST DANGER of torquing the abutment during functional movements of the extension base?

Mesial rest and cast I-bar

Distal rest and WW circumferential clasp

RPA clasp assembly with a cast clasp

All have about the same potential danger


Question #94

Which of the following clasps commonly utilize lingual undercuts?

Ring clasp

Extended arm clasp

Half and half clasp

Both 1 and 3


Question #95

Which of the abutments in the partially edentulous arch to the right has the greatest potential for utilization of a ring clasp?




None of the abutments have any potential for the use of a ring clasp.


Question #96

True or False

Metal denture bases are most commonly used over well-healed posterior ridges where vertical space is a problem.




Question #97

True or False

Referring to the partially edentulous arch shown to the right.

The guide plates on teeth 21 and 28 should curve buccolingually and extend lingually just short of the distolingual line angles.




Question #98

A cingulum rest should be placed

between the occlusal and middle thirds of the incisor teeth.

above the middle third of the incisor teeth.

at the junction of the gingival and middle thirds of the incisor teeth.

on the disto-incisal edges of the incisor teeth.


Question #99

The external finish line is

the external junction of framework metal and denture base plastic.

the external junction of framework metal and supporting tissues.

the external junction of the framework metal and the natural teeth.

the external junction of the natural teeth and the denture base plastic.


Question #100

True or False

As a general rule, a removable partial denture needs C+1 clasps where C=Kennedy classification number.




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