Student American Dental Hygiene Association (SADHA)

To improve the public's total health, the mission of the Student Dental Hygiene Association is to advance the art and science of dental hygiene by increasing awareness of the benefits of prevention; promoting the highest standards of dental hygiene education, licensure, practice and research; and representing and promoting the interests of dental hygiene students.


SADHA Officers Class of 2018

Oklahoma City
Aubrey Mouser - President
Bri Cross - Vice President
Selena Wells - Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisors - Ms. Cunningham/Ms. Wood
Ashley Grant - President
Skyla Walker – Vice President
Thuy McCarthick – Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. Hays
Hepzhi Sam - President
Rebecca Jones - Vice President
Kadence Khosravi - Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. Gustafson
Alexys Shadowens - President
Baylee Broadbent - Vice President
Lita Feddersen - Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor- Ms. Holt

DH Officers Class of 2018

Oklahoma City
Kaylee Jennings – President
Olivia Bailey  – Vice President
Sel Hoang – Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. Tammie Vargo
Mikayla Williams – President
Thuy McCarthick – Vice President
Erin Crosby – Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. McCullers
Mehgane Lewellyn – President
Taylor Lorentz - Vice President
Kaley Schockey – Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. Snyder
Holly Killgore – President
Darcie Ware – Vice President
Paige Wood – Secretary/Treasurer
Class Advisor - Ms. Tuck