General abstract information and instructions for abstract submission:

  1. Download the abstract template here.
  2. Enter the title and presenters' names in the appropriate locations on the abstract template using Microsoft Word. If there is only one presenter, please leave the second presenter's information blank. This also applies to the second or third advisors. Save the document as "abstract.doc."
  3. View an example of a submitted abstract.
  4. The body of the abstract should be limited to 2,000 characters (including spaces). You can use the "Word Count" feature on your word processor to facilitate counting. Please make the abstract as informative as possible.
  5. When you have completed your abstract, submit it to your mentor for revision and approval.
  6. When you and your mentor are satisfied with your abstract, the faculty mentor is to e-mail the approved abstract to Dr. Khajotia (sharukh-khajotia@ouhsc.edu). This must be done by the faculty mentor as assurance that your abstract has been reviewed and approved.
  7. The abstract will appear in the Scientific Day program booklet exactly as it is submitted.