Smile Back Award

Rules and Eligibility

The Smile Back Award recognizes the outstanding qualities and contributions of College of Dentistry employees who embody and promote the College of Dentistry's core values of innovation, excellence, professionalism, integrity, compassion, and diversity.  Noteworthy employees exhibit a positive, professional attitude, while providing exemplary service in their daily job duties, and delivery of excellent service to all customers - our patients, students, faculty, residents and fellow staff.



The recipient of the Smile Back Award will receive a monetary award of $250.  The winner will be announced via email to College of Dentistry faculty, staff, students, and residents.  The monetary award will appear on the recipient’s pay statement the first pay period following the announcement of the winner.  The award will be given at least four times per year.


To be eligible for the Smile Back Award, an employee must be in a staff position within the College of Dentistry for at least one year.  Staff positions include exempt, non-exempt, full-time, and part-time.  A nomination form must be completed for the nominee, and the nominee’s supervisor must support the nomination.  Nominations not selected for the award will be held and reconsidered each month for one year from the date received.  Employees who have retired or have resigned from the College of Dentistry since being nominated are not eligible to receive the award.  A nominee must not have received the award in the past year. 


The Smile Back Award Committee will consist of five voting members, and two ex-officio members.  The two ex-officio members will serve as administrators of the committee.  The five committee members will consist of a combination of an exempt employee, a non-exempt employee, a faculty member, and a supervisor.  

Nomination Criteria

College of Dentistry faculty, staff, students and residents may nominate a staff employee by completing the appropriate nomination form found online.  The nomination form is sent to the committee administrators who will then contact the employee’s supervisor for support of the employee’s nomination.  Once the supervisor approves of the employee’s nomination, a score sheet will be sent to the committee members for voting; voting will be done anonymously and names will be removed from nomination forms. 

A scoring model will be used by the Smile Back Award Committee based upon the following criteria.  An employee does not need to meet all below requirements to receive the award, however, specific examples cited on the nomination form will help the committee fully evaluate the employee’s attributes.

  • Does the employee have a reliable attendance record?
  • Does the employee consistently “go the extra mile” without being asked?
  • Is the employee cooperative, compassionate, and friendly to fellow employees on a regular basis?
  • Does the employee have a better-than-average ability to work under pressure?
  • Does the employee exemplify excellent customer service skills?
  • Does the employee fill in when the unit is under-staffed?
  • Does the employee contribute to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment? 
  • Does the employee possess other qualities that would make them deserving of such an award?