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Patient FAQs - Tulsa Clinic

  1. How do I become a patient in the OU-Tulsa student dental clinic?
    Patients are selected for treatment in our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Comprehensive Care Clinic based on the educational needs of our pre-doctoral students. The first step is to complete and submit a Prospective Patient Information Form. If you meet the educational needs of our dental students, our Communications Center will contact you to schedule an assessment appointment.
  2. Do you offer the same services in the Tulsa Clinic that you do in Oklahoma City?
    Yes. We offer the same oral health care services to adult and pediatric patients in our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Comprehensive Care Clinic in Tulsa as we do in the student clinics at the OU College of Dentistry in Oklahoma City. Committed to meeting all of your oral health needs, our services include routine dental cleanings and sealants, fillings, crowns, partial or complete dentures, and more. Patients who complete orthodontic assessments in our Tulsa clinic may be referred to our Graduate Orthodontics Clinic in Oklahoma City for treatment (i.e., braces) if needed.
  3. Do you accept special needs patients?
    Yes. We welcome special needs patients in all of our student clinics, including our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Comprehensive Care Clinic in Tulsa. We are committed to providing our students, who will be tomorrow’s dentists, with the knowledge and skills they need to serve patients with a broad spectrum of disabilities and conditions.
  4. Do you accept referrals?
    Yes. We will welcome referrals for limited treatment to our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Comprehensive Care Clinic from dentists in northeastern Oklahoma and surrounding states. An ideal referral is a low-income patient who is in need of a crown or root canal. If you are a dentist and would like to refer a patient, please click here.
  5. What can I expect as a student clinic patient?
    Whether in Tulsa or Oklahoma City, patients accepted into our student clinic program must be available at least two (2) different half weekdays per month. Each appointment will be three (3) hours in length and will generally be scheduled at 9:00 am or 1:00 pm, depending on your assigned student’s availability. Payment will be due at the time of service; we do not offer payment plans.
  6. Is dental care free?
    No. Even though the OU College of Dentistry is state-funded, there are fees for dental procedures. Our Delta Dental of Oklahoma Comprehensive Care Clinic in Tulsa is not a free clinic; however, being seen by a student dentist in Tulsa (or in any of our Oklahoma City student clinics) is considerably less expensive than a private dental practice. Grant funds may also be available to assist patients participating in our student clinic program with the cost of care.
  7. Can I become a patient even though I have no insurance?
    Yes. Student clinic patients are not required to have insurance; however, we accept most major insurance plans. If you have insurance, we will gladly assist you in maximizing the benefits you are entitled to under your plan by filing claims on your behalf.