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Labs and Referrals

The College of Dentistry is an integral part of the entire dental community, both locally and nationally. We pride ourselves on equipping our community with the highest quality of services available and are proud to house several services in our building. 

Are You a Referring Doctor?

The OU College of Dentistry accepts referrals from dentists for limited treatments. An ideal referral to one of our student clinics would be a low-income patient primarily in need of crowns and root canal treatments. For more information about our student clinics, click here

If you would like to refer a patient to one of our student clinics, please download the OU College of Dentistry Patient Referral Form and fill it out. Once completed, you may either send a digital copy to OR you may mail this form with x-rays to the following address:

Sabrina Savage
OU College of Dentistry
1201 N. Stonewall Ave. Suite 238
Oklahoma City, OK 73117