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Become a Patient

What is AEGD?

A patient’s first question when applying to the AEGD program is what does “AEGD” stand for? The Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program at OU College of Dentistry allows dentist to continue their dental education including complex treatment plans and advanced dental surgeries. We also provide training and use of usage of advanced technology and digital workflow. Residents hone their skills under the supervision of a diverse and qualified faculty team. AEGD runs similar to a private practice office. We provide comprehensive care to our patients during the resident’s one year tenure. Some residents choose to stay for 2 years, further improving their skills and gaining knowledge from a variety of fields in dentistry. One year experience in AEGD is said to be equivalent to 5 years in private practice.  

If you are interested in becoming a patient in AEGD, please call for a screening appointment at 405-271-5222.