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Graduate Periodontics


Graduates of our periodontal program are expected to be leaders in the field of periodontics. 

The focus of the periodontics program educates graduate students in clinical periodontics and relevant basic sciences as well as principles of scientific investigation. This three-year graduate program leads to a Master of Science degree in Periodontics and provides a variety of clinical, didactic and research experiences. As a student at OU, you will get hands-on clinical experience interacting with a vast amount of patients requiring different periodontal care. Graduate students will also get the chance to interact with other residents and graduate students in the College of Dentistry and on the Health Sciences Center campus by assisting in the education of the pre-doctoral students.


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Program Structure

The OU College of Dentistry's Graduate Periodontics program provides a variety of clinical, didactic and research experiences. The clinical experiences available are broad and based upon a large number of patients requiring periodontal care, such as the replacement of missing teeth by placement of dental implants.


Graduate students of the periodontal program are expected to be leaders in the field of periodontics. With that being said, an original research project dissertation and thesis defense are required for completion of the master's program.


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For those not yet wishing to receive a master's, the Department of Periodontology offers an observational externship in periodontics for dental students and dentists who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of Periodontology.


An intensive full-time Fellowship in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry is for dentists who want to enhance their knowledge and skills in the fields of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry. Opportunities for involvement in a research project leading to original publications also exist within this fellowship.


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Faculty & Staff

Full-time faculty members:

Dr. Tracey Whitley, Division Head of Periodontics, Director of Predoctoral Periodontics and Clinical Assistant Professor, Interim Program Director of Graduate Periodontics

Dr. Jaewon Kim, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Robin Henderson, Clinical Associate Professor

Part-time faculty members:

Dr. John Dmytryk, Professor Emeritus

Dr. Edwin Sutherland, Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Xixi Wu, Clinical Assistant Professor 

Staff members:

Jennifer Williams, Sr. Dental Assistant

Christina Facundo, Sr. Dental Assistant

Crystal Wilkerson, Sr. Dental Assistant

Deena Electericiteh, Sr. Patient Services Representative

Nayeli GonzalePatient Services Representative