Emergency Care
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Emergency Care

Emergency care is available for individuals in dental pain or discomfort. Emergency treatment is intended to alleviate pain and will be limited in scope, such as tooth extraction in the Oral Surgery Department or restorations in the student provided care clinics. Emergency fees range from $70.00 to $400.00

The emergency appointments are provided by a dental student under the supervision of a licensed faculty member.  The initial emergency appointment fee is $61 and is due at check in.  Additional procedures may be necessary requiring up to a $300 total investment.  

Emergency appointments are available Monday through Friday.   

Appointments are limited and we cannot guarantee an appointment will be available.

Patients must have reliable transportation, a working telephone, and must be available for an extended amount of time (generally 3 to 4 hours) per appointment.

An emergency appointment does not automatically place a patient in The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry adult clinic program. If you are interested in becoming a patient for continued care, please click here for more information.

Payment is expected at the time the services are rendered.

Emergency Services

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Please contact our Oral Surgery Department for tooth extractions at 405-271-1356.  The fees will be reviewed during your call and are due at the time of check in.

Emergency Tooth Restoration
Please contact our Student provided care clinic at 405-271-7744.