Continuing Education

The College of Dentistry offers a variety of Continuing Education courses that are designed to meet the needs of diverse groups of oral health professionals.

Information about Continuing Education 
Information regarding Continuing Education opportunities offered by the College of Dentistry can be obtained by calling Sammie McCracken at (405) 271-4050 or by e-mail

2015 Upcoming CE Courses 

The College of Dentistry is in the process of finalizing details for several 2015 Spring/Summer CE courses. Below are the dates and titles for courses being held in the Spring/Summer of 2015.

Online CE Courses

Oklahoma Dental Foundation

The College of Dentistry provides the facilities for several Oklahoma Dental Foundation courses for dental auxiliaries. The College does not participate in the administration of these courses. For more information, please contact the Oklahoma Dental Foundation directly at (405) 241-1299 or visit them on the web here.