Oral & Maxillofacial Research
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Regenerative Engineering of a Patient-Fitted Temporomandibular Joint Prosthesis

PI - Dr. Michael Detamore

Co-PI - Dr. Fabio Ritto

Osteo Science Grand: $ 98,899 in 2 years

The objective of the research is to develop alternatives for the temporomandibular joint prostheses currently used, with resorbable materials that can be applied in specific situations.We are finalizing the practices with cadaver animals that prepared us for the next step that will involve surgery on live goats to assess how the material will behave in a functional TMJ.


Quality of Life and Orthognathic Surgery

PI: Dr. Fabio Ritto

This research followed 100 orthognathic patients for 6 months after surgery to determine how the treatment impacted on the participant’s Quality of Life. Also, the differences in quality of life and post-operative recovery were compared between single jaw and double jaw cases. The manuscript has already been submitted for publication.

Bilateral Saggital Split Osteotomy and Condylar Stability

PI: Dr. Steven Sullivan

Co-PI: Dr. Onur Kadioglu

The purpose of this study was to evaluate how the mandibular condyle responds to bilateral sagittal split osteotomy and bicortical screw fixation. It used cone beam computed tomographies and  Stratovan Checkpoint software to measure the difference on the condyle-fossa relation, and on the condylar surface before and after surgery. Manuscript is being prepared.


Repeat mandibular fracture

PI: Dr. Paul Tiwana

Co-PI: Dr. Fabio Ritto

This multi center retrospective research aimed to study the pattern of fractures on mandibles that had already sustained a previous fracture. Our objective was to determine if the previous fracture and the hardware make the mandible more fragile. The University of Oklahoma and the University of Louisville Oral and Maxillofacial Departments worked together in this project, and a manuscript is being prepared.