2023-24 Scholarships
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2023-24 Scholarships

2023-24 Scholarships

Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients 


OKLAHOMA CITY -- The University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry is pleased to announce the following recipients of scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year. These scholarships are made possible through the generous support of College of Dentistry alumni, donors and friends. On behalf of our students, the college would like to thank the generous donors who make these scholarships possible. 


Scholarship Recipients: 


Alexander & Strunk Scholarship
Joseph Acquaviva, DS3
Elizabeth Phillips, DS3


Alliance to Oklahoma Dental Association Scholarship

Aaron Sapp, DS4


Baker Dental Endowment Fund

Alexandra Ahearn, DS3

Jennifer Escobar, DS3


Carol Jane Shadid Memorial Scholarship

Conner Hein, DS2


Class of 1976 Scholarship

Devin Morales, DS4


Class of 1977 Scholarship

Christian Doan, DS3


Class of 1987 Scholarship

Blake Shadwick, DS4


College of Dentistry Scholarship

Cayli Cohrs, DS3


Delta Dental of Oklahoma Scholarship

Joshua Breece, DS4

Ranim Shawareb, DS4

Mallory Shoemake, DS4

Sophia Parker, DS3

Sarah McPhail, DS3

Trenton McAreavey, DS2

Aivi Nguyen, DS2

Tommy Nguyen, DS2

Abigail Spears, DS2

Peyton Earle, DS2


Eli T. Jarjoura, DDS and Julie A. Speights, DDS Endowed Scholarship

Ashton Mason, DS3

Alexander Danner, DS2


Farris Shanbour Dental Scholarship

Caleb Conley, DS3


J. Dean Robertson Society Scholarship

Tanna Brewer, DS4

Jack Koszykowski, DS4

Zane Mills, DS4

Cole Biermann, DS4

Mallory Shoemake, DS4

Brian Shelton, DS4

Joseph Acquaviva, DS3

Jennifer Escobar, DS3

Mubarika Ali, DS3

Trenton McAreavey, DS2

Emily Hernnandez, DS2

Mason Menser, DS1

Blakelyn Daniel, DH2

Isabelle Tomlinson, DH2

Madison Ward, DH2


J. Dean Robertson Society Diversity Scholarship 

Devin Morales, DS4

Jennifer Escobar, DS3

Precious Johnson, DS3

Betty Abbey, DS2

Leslie Garcia, DS1


Karen Robinette Memorial Fund 

Dorna Akhavain, DS4


Mary Macklanburg Dentistry Scholarship

Ranim Shawareb, DS4

Kody Sinko, DS3

Molly Hood, DS2


Max Hirschman Endowed Scholarship

Chelsea Saffo, DS4

Mubarika Ali, DS3


Oklahoma Dental Group Practice Scholarship

Nichole Musick, DS4


Dr. Raleigh Holt Jr. Scholarship

Zane Mills, DS4

Tana Brewer, DS4


Dr. Ronald and Barbara Winder Scholarship

Jack Koszykowski, DS4

Reid Willhoite, DS2


Russell J. Stratton Fund

Cathy Mapes, DS3


Tulsa County Dental Society Endowed Scholarship

Sharice Davis, DS4


William J. Blum , DDS, Missions Scholarship

Brian Shelton, DS3


Woodrow K. Cohlmia, DDS, Endowed Scholarship

Riley Crimson, DS3

Jena Graves, DS3


Arthur L. & Eunice Walters Memorial Scholarship 

Yoanna Avina, DS3




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