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«December 2019»

Information Technology

The I.T. Solutions Center provides the OU College of Dentistry with technology services and supports our faculty, staff, and students. As our institution relies more heavily on information technology to achieve our missions of education, patient care and research; the I.T. Solutions Center is poised to provide you with IT leadership, solutions and guidance. When you need I.T. Support, “We’re Already There."

Notice: Please do not include any sensitive PHI (Protected Health Information) in your chat or communications to the I.T. Solutions Center. 

Location: The I.T. Solutions Center is located in the OU College of Dentistry, 3rd Floor, Room DCS-365

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday
7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
(After hours support available upon request)

Phone Number: 271-3694 ext. 13694

Email: InSight@ouhsc.edu

Web Help: Submit an InSight Ticket


Anonymous Non-Compliance Reporting

The College of Dentistry is committed to ensuring that all faculty, staff, and students meet compliance requirements at all times. To this end we have created a way for you to anonymously report any non-compliance issues you may feel need to be reported.

Users are required to log in to D2L in order to connect to Qualtrics. This login is being used to ensure that only COD students, staff, and faculty have access to this reporting form. The actual form itself is located in Qualtrics, not D2L, so there is no way to identify the submitter.

If you are a student or employee of the College of Dentistry, simply log in at: https://learn.ouhsc.edu

Select All Roles under the My Courses heading to view the Anonymous Non-Compliance Reporting 2017-18 course.

The course should be listed under the My Courses section of the main page.

This will bring you to the Anonymous Non-Compliance Reporting Form. 

This form does not record any personal information and will allow you to anonymously report any non-compliance issues you may have observed and wish to report.

Building Maintenance and Repair Needs

Maintaining our building and facilities is a shared responsibility. When reporting maintenance and repair issues, be sure to specify the room number or clinic/bay/chair where the problem exists. This will allow us to address it quickly and efficiently.

To report an emergency maintenance issue, call ext. 31347.
An “emergency maintenance” issue is an issue that 1) prevents or delays patient care, 2) creates a hazard that compromises safety, and/or 3) causes serious damage to property or premises.

Examples of emergency maintenance issues include:

  • Water leaks (ceiling, sinks, restrooms, etc.)
  • Problems with faucets, sinks and/or toilets
  • Dental chairs that do function properly (including air, water and/or operation of the chair itself).

To report a non-emergency maintenance issue, please submit an Insight Ticket.

Examples of non-emergency maintenance issues include:

  • Burned out fluorescent and/or incandescent light bulbs
  • Broken or stained ceiling tiles
  • Exit signs that are not lit
  • Elevator buttons that do not light up when pushed
  • Loose or missing baseboards

We encourage you to report problems anywhere in the building (not just within the area in which you work), and we thank you for your help. If you have questions, kindly contact Christina Hirschman, Facilities Coordinator.