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Albert F. Staples Society

The mission of the Staples Society shall be to: [1] provide service to the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry; [2] promote interaction of faculty, staff, students and residents; [3] fulfill emergency needs of the OUCOD family and; [4] provide service to the community. Staples shall sponsor and promote such activities, as it deems advisable and necessary in the furtherance of these purposes.

Officers 2020-2021


Jenny Dinh                     jennifer-dinh@ouhsc.edu

Vice President

Alex Kirkpatrick             Alex-kirkpatrick@ouhsc.edu


Caroline Graham          Caroline-graham@ouhsc.edu


Matthew Cieminski       James-cieminski@ouhsc.edu

Committee Chairs

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Brace Unruh                  brace-unruh@ouhsc.edu

Olivia Cavazos               Olivia-cavazos@ouhsc.edu

Habitat for Humanity

Teresa Vu                       Teresa-vu@ouhsc.edu


MLK Elementary Christmas Party

Kendranique Hall          kendranique-hall@ouhsc.edu

Emma Wixom                Emma-wixom@ouhsc.edu

Oral Health Fair

Hilary Babbit                 hilary-babbit@ouhsc.edu

Teresa Vu                       Teresa-vu@ouhsc.edu

Faculty Advisor

 Dr. Jeanne Sutton