Albert F. Staples Society

The mission of the Staples Society shall be to: [1] provide service to the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry; [2] promote interaction of faculty, staff, students and residents; [3] fulfill emergency needs of the OUCOD family and; [4] provide service to the community. Staples shall sponsor and promote such activities, as it deems advisable and necessary in the furtherance of these purposes.

Officers 2019-2020


Jennifer Sconyers


Vice President

Crystal Rajan



Jennifer Dinh



Brock Nichols


Committee Chairs


Big Brothers Big Sisters

Savannah Wright

Rainey Mauzey

Habitat for Humanity

Jacy Glover          

MLK Elementary Christmas Party

Nickoo Farkhoy  

Emily Knight        

Oral Health Fair

 James Reeves       

Faculty Advisor

 Dr. Jeanne Sutton