Each week of the curriculum generally includes approximately three and a half days of patient treatment in the clinic. The remaining one and a half days are dedicated to didactic instruction, seminars, and research. Each resident will start approximately 50 new cases. The patients to be treated by a resident are carefully selected from a large pool of patients seeking orthodontic treatment in the department . This way, each resident has the opportunity to treat a representative spectrum of orthodontic problems. The treatment rendered also covers a wide range of treatment modalities. 

Here is an expanded list of required program courses:

Course Curriculum

In addition to the program curriculum, residents are encouraged to attend continuing education courses. Prominent researchers and lecturers from the U.S., and other countries are periodically invited to Oklahoma City to give lectures or courses covering pertinent orthodontic and related topics. 

Residents are also allowed to attend a variety of off-site courses that offer valuable instruction. The residents attend the annual Graduate Orthodontic Residents Program (GORP), The Damon Forum, Invisalign certification course, Wired for Success, The Bottom Line, 3M Summit, Alexander Discipline Course, American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), and the Southwestern Society of Orthodontists meetings.

During their second year, residents also attend the Charles Tweed Foundation's wire-bending course in Tucson, AZ. Residents may also attend other valuable courses as scheduling allows.